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Overcoming: A Study Guide for the Book of Revelation (Digital edition) (2004-01) $19.95

In-depth study guide for the Book of Revelation. More than 300 pages include 65-page introduction, paragraph-by-paragraph discussion of text, chapter overviews, essays on special topics, and over 100 charts and illustrations. Bonus features include 50-page discussion of the hermeneutics of the "Left Behind" series and annotated bibliography. Get the text that has been used successfully at Sunset International Bible Institute, Harding University, and in adult Bible classes and church seminars. This digital version has all of the same pages as the print version, at half the price! 331 pages. 18.7Mb


Learn the Greek Alphabet (1998-02) $3.95

The strangeness of the Greek alphabet is the first and largest hurdle to learning New Testament Greek. Now there is a fun and easy way to leap this hurdle: by singing! Structured after a popular text for introducing the Hebrew alphabet, this text has been used successful with many classes of beginning students of New Testament Greek. Includes both Erasmian and modern pronunciation. Familiar scriptures set to tunes help you practice your Greek by hearing, while associating the sights and sounds of each of the letters of the Greek alphabet, along with the seven vowel pairs (called "diphthongs"). Also includes a unique flowchart for accenting nouns, adjectives, and verbs correctly.


Begotten, Not Made: The Place of Proverbs 8:22 in the Arian Controversy (2006-02) $4.95

The New Testament presents Jesus Christ as wisdom from God, which sends us to explore the wisdom passages in the Hebrew Scriptures, specifically Proverbs 8, the focal point of the 4th-century Arian controversy regarding the pre-existence of Christ. Is Christ a created being, or does He share eternality with God the Father? This is a defense of orthodox Christology while carefully attending to the original context of Proverbs 8. 38 pages. 2.0Mb


Confessions of Augustine (1998-02) $4.95

"You have created us for Yourself, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You." In a candid autobiography, Augustine, one of the greatest Christian thinkers of all time, takes us along on his spiritual odyssey as he rebels against the longings of his Christian mother, gives in to his passions, grapples with his growing ambition and intellectual prowess, and, coming full circle, finds in his mother's God the peace and purpose he had always been seeking. Augustine's Confessions is a wonderful resource for spiritual growth and personal reflection to discern what is trivial and what is ultimately important. 217 pages. 611Kb


Dictionary of Terms Used in the Study of the Gospels (2006-08) $1.00

Brief and clear explanations of 100 of the terms scholars use when discussing Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. When you run across such terms in your reading of commentaries, you could look them up in your dictionary, but you won't get the technical meaning biblical scholars have. Here you will also get a brief introduction to the Synoptic Problem, Form Criticism, and other techniques used in an in-depth study of the canonical gospels.


Genesis: Where It All Began (2006-04) $3.95

Here in outline form are 17 lessons on the Book of Genesis, which provides the foundation history and theological concepts for all of the rest of the Bible. Among other topics, this study covers Creation, the Fall, the Great Flood, the life of Abraham, the life of Joseph, and the life of Joseph. Special bonus is full-color graphical outline of Genesis. Ideal for church Bible classes for ages teen through adult, for small groups, or for your own personal study, if you want to "go deeper."


In His Steps by Charles Sheldon (2006-10) $4.95

WWJD (What would Jesus do?) is popular today among both Christians and non-Christians alike. Here is the classic novel that originated the saying and reveals what happens when people take seriously their walk with the Master. "Christ left us an example that we should follow in His steps." As we read how asking that simple question and resolving to live out the answer brings transformation to one person after another, it provokes us to wonder what would happen in our own lives if we made the same commitment. 215 pages. 580 Kb.


Covenant: The Frame and Fire of Scripture (2002-01) $4.95

Here is a careful and detailed study of the seven covenants of the Bible: Adamic, Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, Levitical, Davidic, and the New Covenant (Christ's). Presented in extended outline form in 25 lessons, this ebook provides you with all of the biblical references you need to make a thorough study of the covenants of the Bible, which provide it with both its form and its fire. You will also learn about how the biblical covenants parallel extra-biblical covenants like the Hittite suzerain-vassal treaties. You will discover how the prophets used covenant lawsuits to call their people back to God. Significant also is how the covenant became distorted and the way in which Christ called people back to the true meaning of the Law. We will also look at the relationship between the Old (Mosaic) and the New (Christ's) covenants and explore the covenant stipulations under Christ. So much of the Bible is covered in this study that you can use it as an introduction to the Bible as a whole. An excellent list of recommended books for further study close out this valuable e-book. 65 pages. 627 Kb.


Behind "Left Behind" (2004-02) $4.95

The 12 novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins closely follow the dispensational premillennial understanding of end-times events. This e-book carefully examines LaHaye and Jenkins' treatment of key biblical passages, uncovering serious flaws in their interpretation. This e-book is a must for anyone who wants to know whether the Bible really teaches what the "Left Behind" series portrays. Not only does it clearly explain the errors, but it also lays out the biblical alternative explanation for end-times events. 45 pages. 1.27Mb


Can We Solve the 666 Puzzle? (2003-01) $4.95

What person lies behind the mysterious number 666 prophesied in Revelation 13:18? How certain can we be that our solution is right instead of the dozens of alternative solutions people have suggested over the centuries? Can We Solve the 666 Puzzle? addresses these significant questions and much more. Does 666 prophesy the pope, or Martin Luther, or maybe Bill Gates, or the UPC bar code? What principles of Bible interpretation help us to sort through the bewildering array of alternatives? What difference does it make which solution is the right one? Get solid answers to one of the most perplexing puzzles in the entire Bible. Excerpted from Overcoming. 45 pages. 1.05Mb


Revelation: A Helicopter View (2003-02) $3.95

Want a quick overview for the Book of Revelation? Here is a chapter-by-chapter summary of the Apocalypse in its original context of Asian Christians in conflict with first-century Rome. Yet this "helicopter view" is full of practical applications for the 21st-century Christian. Bonus annotated list of commentaries on the Apocalypse help you know what to study to "go deeper." Excerpted from Overcoming. 70 pages. 308k


Revelation & Predictive Prophecy (2003-03) $1.95

How do you interpret prophectic predictions in Scripture? Did you know that there are six valid ways to interpret them? Discerning between them and learning when to use each is fundamental to understanding biblical predictive prophecy. Each way is clearly diagrammed for better understanding. Excerpted from Overcoming. 21 pages. 773k


"Worthy is the Lamb" The Christology of Revelation 5 (2004-03) $1.95

This e-document is an in-depth study of what Revelation 5 says about the person and work of Jesus Christ based on both background of Old Testament worship and the background of the Roman imperial court. It is carefully researched and documented, and it draws practical conclusions. This will not only enhance your understanding of the Apocalypse, but of Jesus, the Lamb of God, as well. Excerpted from Overcoming.


Reasons to Believe: The Fundamental Concepts (2004-06) $1.00

This carefully arranged presentation lays out in logical progression the reasons for believing that the Universe did not just happen by chance, but was designed and is sustained by an infinite, personal Intelligence. This outline will help you understand why you should believe in a Creator, and help you explain the reasons for Intelligent Design to others. 16 pages. 239k


Possibility of Apostasy (2004-05) $1.00

Provides a short summary of each of 42 passages in the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament regarding whether a saved believer can fall from grace. Also provides similar summaries for 11 passages supporting the security of Christians in their salvation. Discover the biblical alternative to the equally unsatisfying opposite of "Once Saved, Always Saved" and "Once Saved, Never Sure." This short study concludes with suggestions if you want to "go deeper" into this study. 22k


All the Women of the Old Testament (2004-04) $1.00

This provides book, chapter, and verse with one-line summaries for every woman in the Old Testament as well as passages pertaining to women. Includes the women in the Apocrypha as well. This greatly facilitates doing your own careful study of women in the Old Covenant.


Will Christ Return in Stages? (2004-07) $1.00

Refutes the dispensational premillennial teaching that there will be two parts to the second coming of Christ (the "Parousia"), separated by at least seven years, as well as up to four different resurrections, spread out over more than 1,000 years! Does the Bible teach there is only one second coming and one resurrection to come? Look at the evidence and decide for yourself! 395k


The Parable of the Unjust Steward in the Light of its Contexts (2004-08) $1.95

The Parable of the Unjust Steward, also known as the Dishonest Manager, is undoubtedly the most difficult of Jesus' parables to interpret or understand. This study provides significant insights into both the internal context of the parable and the external context of its cultural background. You may find the results surprising and refreshingly original! Discover the surprising point of the entire string of seven parables, of which the Unjust Steward is the fifth. 28 pages. 474k


Racism: The Ongoing Challenge (2004-09) $1.00

What does the Bible teach about racism? How has one Old Testament passage been twisted to justify the domination of one race over another? What duties do Christians have to end racism now? 9 pages. 718k.


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